Prince Edward Island Urban Red Fox Photo Workshop: May 2019

07:00 pm - 25 May 2019

Join American photographer Amy Shutt and Canadian photographer Brittany Crossman of The Canid Project from May 25-28, 2019 for a canid-centric workshop photographing and learning about the Urban Red Foxes of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Our aim with The Canid Project workshops is to provide experiences that will not just focus on photography, but also on how you can use your photography for conservation and education. We also focus strongly on the ethics of wildlife photography, and in this case the ethics of urban wildlife photography and the proper way to approach urban wildlife.

Proceeds from this workshop go directly to The Canid Project to help fund educational endeavors and the fox rehab in Louisiana, as well Hope For Wildlife in Nova Scotia.


May is a great time for urban fox families because the den sites will be active with kits from the age of 2 to 4 months old. This provides a great opportunity for not only pictures but for learning how to approach urban wildlife ethically, which is our main goal with this workshop. Nowadays we don't have to go "out there" to experience wildlife, all we have to do is take a look right outside our back doors.

Proceeds from this workshop will go directly to The Canid Project to help fund educational endeavors and the fox rehab in Louisiana, as well as to Hope For Wildlife in Nova Scotia.

Both Amy Shutt and Brittany Crossman have formal and active backgrounds in photography and education. See their full bios below. Brittany has spent the past few years directing much of her photographic energies into photographing these foxes and developing a keen understanding of their dynamics and behaviors. She will offer an educated guiding experience that will allow us to get the best photographs while also respecting our subjects and acting ethically in our approaches.


You will receive a detailed itinerary which includes airport and lodging information once your deposit has been paid, but please see these exciting points below that make up this unique urban wildlife photography workshop. Please feel free to email with any questions:

Photography will take place for 3 full days at the best times for light and fox activity in the mornings and late afternoons. Look forward to compelling presentations during the day by Environmental Biologist Hailey Lambe of Parks Canada (who spent two years working on her thesis on the urban Red Foxes of Charlottetown and Stanhope in Prince Edward Island), Amy Shutt, and Brittany Crossman.

The workshop will conclude the evening of May 28, 2019. In the downtime between shoots Amy and Brittany will instruct you in many facets of wildlife and conservation photography, canid conservation, and ethics including:

•Ethical practices of urban wildlife photography

•The natural history of the Red Fox in Canada, and
Prince Edward Island (by biologist Hailey Lambe)

•Conservation photography and how you can contribute to raise awareness

•How to tell compelling stories through wildlife photography that help to educate the public

•Best camera settings and gear for wildlife photography

•Photographic techniques, composition, and use of natural light as it applies to wild canid species

•Demo on Trap Camera DSLR photography as it applies to urban wildlife photography.


If you do not own any of the equipment below you can rent from several rental facilities. Amy uses and recommends Lens Pro To Go, Borrow Lenses, and Lensrentals. Email Amy if you are unsure if your gear will work for this workshop: and she''ll let you know! :)

-DSLR or mirrorless camera that does well at high ISOs
-Long lens (something that extends to at least 300 to 600mm)
-A shorter long lens, like a 70-200mm
-Comfortable clothing and shoes appropriate for the weather
-Warm clothing for early mornings and late afternoons.
-Bug spray is a good idea!


Dates: May 25-May 28, 2018
Price : $2100 includes all instruction, guiding, presentations, and lodging for 4 nights.

The workshop price does not include flights to and from Prince Edward Island, Canada, transportation or meals

To find out more please see:


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