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TW Safety Consulting Services Inc.

TW Safety Consulting provides comprehensive occupational health, safety, hygiene and environmental services to both institutional and industrial workplaces. With the current media and public emphasis as well as increasing legislative demands on the workplace and environmental issues, employers face important decisions in developing and implementing precise, economically feasible, and important programs to meet strict compliance from government legislative requirements.
The principal of this company, Terry Waraich, has had 23 years of experience as Occupational Health and Safety Officer with Ministry of Labour. Government of Ontario. In addition, Principal worked as an Occupational Hygiene Consultant in well-known private consultant companies, in Ontario, Canada. Terry Waraich has Ph.D., M.Sc., and B.Sc. (Honours) degrees in Chemistry and Occupational Health and Safety Program.
Terry has comprehensive experience working with a wide spectrum of workplaces such as industrial establishments (that includes auto, tool and die, stamping, truss building, green houses etc. industries), government agencies, hospitals, and municipalities.
Through practical training and work experience, Terry has acquired extensive expertise in areas such as inspections, investigation, enforcement, industrial relations and prosecution.
We can help your company, by acting as your agent, in dealing with inspections, work refusal, complaints, and critical and fatal accident investigations conducted by the ministry inspectors
Other associates have extensive experience in environmental, industrial hygiene and monitoring for airborne contaminants.
One associate, Ronald Hussain has very extensive experience in pollution abatement, occupational hygiene, and certificate of approval. Ron is a graduate Chemical Engineer and holds Professional Engineer of Ontario ( P.Eng. ) and Registered Occupational Hygienist (ROH) designations.
Another associate, Ern Sullivan, Ph.D. has 35 years experience in occupational hygiene, primarily with Ontario Ministry of Labour and was the former Provincial WHMIS Specialist. Dr Sullivan is also member of the Control Banding Committee of the American Industrial Hygiene Association, and a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH). Dr. Sullivan has been involved with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) preparation and numerous mould and asbestos assessments.

Workplace Safety Assessment
In order to assist plant management in establishing an effective in-plant Safety Program, our safety professional can help with:
- Help by acting as your agent, in dealing with inspections, work refusal, complaints, and critical and fatal accident investigations conducted by the ministry inspectors
- Periodic plant safety inspections to meet regulatory requirements
- Educate/train supervisors on responsibilities
- In-depth accident or incident investigation that includes critical, fatal and other injuries
- Comprehensive workplace safety analysis
- Organize and train a Joint Health and Safety Committee
Training and advice on personal protective equipment requirements
- Develop and implement a Safety Program including Safety Policy Statement, standard operating procedures for job functions
- Advice on WSIB related problems
- Fire and combustible dust hazard evaluation
- Pre-Health and Safety Reviews by a Professional Engineer

Environmental Control Services
Services offered in the industrial pollution abatement field consists of:
- Audit existing programs
- Environmental Compliance Approvals
- Air emission, waste water, hazardous waste and noise audit
- Ontario Regulation 419/05 compliance
- Abatement programs and strategies development including engineering controls
- Spill control recommendations
- Legislation up-dating

Occupational Hygiene Services
The company provides full field monitoring and testing services to complement complete analysis and interpretation to industry and business for ensuring a healthful workplace and regulatory compliance.
Services include:
- Comprehensive workplace hazard surveys
- Designated and regulated substance audit and compliance
- Indoor air quality evaluations
- Noise surveys
- Asbestos management
- Engineering control and strategies
- WHMIS risk analysis
- Pre-development review and approval submission
- Legislation up-dating
- Mould assessment

TW Safety Consulting Services Inc. provides you peace of mind with " One Stop Solution for your Workplace Health, Safety, and Environment Requirements"

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