Yaneth's General Sewing & Alterations

9631 Melville Drive
Windsor ON  N8R 1B2

Phone: 226-344-0464 or 519-563-8307

Professional seamstress at your service with over 20 years experience.
Services include: alter, repair, mend, patch, re-style, re-size clothing, garments and various items. I take on jobs that others may not find capable of doing.
Custom sewing with embroidery for uniforms, shirts, pants, etc. Also do covers for albums, frames and house decor. Dresses for Barbie dolls.

If any questions on anything you may want done, don't hesitate to call and ask.
Reasonable prices on all alterations.
Discounts available**
Located in East Windsor Forest Glade area

For the moment we take customers in by appointment only, so please call first. Thank-you
Look forward to seeing you soon.

*Prices are labour only including fittings and are subject to change. This is only a price guide. For semi-formal and formal apparel prices may vary.


Dress Pants Hem (plain) $7.99
Hem (cuffed)$ 9.99
hem with slit $ 9.99
Waist (in or out) $13.99
Taper seams (in or out -no hem) $11.99
Replace zipper $14.99
Buttons Each one $0.50


Hem (regular) $6.99
Hem (euro hem) $12.99
Hem with slit $9.99
Waist (take in) $15.99
Taper (seams with regular hem ) $14.99
Taper (seams with Euro hem) $16.99
Replace zipper $14.99
Snaps and Jeans buttons $3.99

pants with zipper on the side $10.99
joga hem $11.99


Shorten- Sleeve length (plain) $8.99
Shorten-Sleeve length- (with cuff)$14.99
Take in side seams $12.99
Shorten Shirt/Blouse-$10.99
Buttons each one $0.50


Hem $13.99
Hem lining $3.00
Replace zipper $16.99
Replace invisible zipper $19.99
Shorten straps 9.99 and up
Sides (in or out through armhole) $15.99
Raise shoulders with lining $15.99
Sides (in or out) $14.99


Hem $14.99
Hem lining $3.00
Replace zipper $14.99
Replace invisible zipper $15.99
Waist (in or out through sides with lining) $16.99
Waist (in or out with pocket or zipper) $22.99
Shorten from waist $21.99
Sides (in or out) $10.99


Sleeve length (plain no buttons) $16.99
Sleeve length (with cuff, tab, belt) $22.99
Sides (in or out) $14.99
Hem coat $29.99
Replace zipper (leather coat) per Inch. $1.75
Replace zipper Rain Coat per Inch $1.00
Replace Zipper Slider (Winter, Sport, Leather Coats) you buy slider- $5.99
Buttons/ Button Holes, you buy buttons- sew on Each $1.99


Sides (in or out) $15.99
Darts (each, in or out) $10.99
Center seam $13.99


Sleeve (lengthen or shorten) $22.99
Side seams (in or out) $16.99
Side seams (in through armhole) $29.99
Center seam (in or out, plain) $19.99
Center seam (in or out, vented) $24.99
Replace Buttons ( you buy) Each $0.50
sew on Crest Small ones each $3.99
Sew on Crest Large ones(sport shirts) each $6.00


Jeans - patches each $7.99
Small rips on Dress Pants/Skirts/ Dresses. Etc...$5.99

Shorten Curtains - each Panel $10.00


shorten -Prom/ Evening gowns no Beads
Shorten Gowns with stiffener/binding
Shorten Lining and Crinoline- each layer
Shorten Gown with beads
Shorten Wedding Gown at Waist line
Shorten wedding Gown with overlap
take in side seams no boning
take in side seams with Boning
take in through Zipper
bustle Single-1 button & loop
Double/ Triple Bustle
Hook & Eye/ buttons/ Button Holes each
Bra-keepers the pair
Bra- Cups & Shoulder Pads-sew on the pair ( you buy)
Spaghetti Straps no beads
Spaghetti Straps with beads
Take up Straps with lining


Wedding Gown with Bustle $30.00
Wedding Gown no Bustle $20.00
Prom / Evening Gown $10.99
Man's Shirts 7.00
Men & women's Pants $5.99
Skirts $6.99

Yaneth's General Sewing & Alterations

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