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Parker Sport & Gear Cleaning

Parker Sport & Gear Cleaning provides professional Cleaning, Disinfecting & Freshening services using the revolutionary Esporta Wash Systems process. This process provides a remarkable cleaning, freshening and disinfecting treatment for almost any item.

Originally designed to clean sports equipment, the process is now being used regularly to clean, disinfect and freshen a wide range of items including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) used by many organizations including police, fire, EMT's, the military, mine workers and many others. It is also used to clean a variety of other less exciting items such as stuffed animals, leather shoes and clothing, camping gear and much, much more.

We'll help you discover how our thorough procedures eliminate extremely dangerous health dangers while helping you restore, refresh, and re-invigorate many items in your home, business, or organization.

Here is just a partial list of some of the items that our Esporta Wash System has been used to clean, disinfect, and refresh:

Heavy clothing (jackets, snow suits)
Snowmobile Clothing & Gear
Winter Gloves
Helmets (a wide variety)
Stuffed Animals
Camping Gear
Luggage & Duffle Bags
Life Jackets
Boots & Shoes
Scuba Gear
Mascot Costume
Motorcycle Helmets & Gloves
Bullet-Proof Vests
Hearing Protection Gear
Welding Helmets
Sleeping Bags
Ice Skates
Boxing Gloves
Fishing Waders
Foul Weather Gear
Paintball Gear
Horse Blankets
Fly Sheets
Equestrian Gear
Safety Harnesses
Work Boots
Area Rugs

You can see that our equipment and cleaning process can handle a wide range of personal and household items that should be cleaned, disinfected and freshened. We love a challenge!

Not sure if something can be processed? Give us a call! We can't wait to see what's next.

And remember, we don't simply clean items. Our Esporta Wash System also disinfects, killing 99.9997% of bacteria and removing mould and fungus... all of which can contribute to nasty smells and poor health conditions. And, for the final touch, we add a nice fragrance that keeps things smelling fresh for weeks, if not months.

We provide specialized cleaning solutions for Sports Gear and Equipment, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and a vast array of general items that should be regularly cleaned, disinfected, and refreshed.

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