Jefferson Middle School Patriots Football

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Jefferson Middle School Patriots Football

The Jefferson Middle School Football Team Core Values will be an integral part of the JMS Patriots Football Program.

High Expectations

As a program, we will use our 8th graders to set team goals and every student athlete will set individual goals. We will expect all players to do their best in the classroom, on the field, and in the community. Our expectations are student first, athlete next. Our players will know that their personal best is the only thing that is acceptable by developing a strong work ethic and self discipline.

Keep Learning and Growing

Everyone in our program, including coaches, will strive to acquire new knowledge on every day. We will be continual learners in the classroom and on the football field. We will always find ways to work hard and make improvements in our program.

Evidence-Based Decision Making

As we develop our players, we will use the practice and game film, as our evidence to see if we have mastered the fundamentals of the game and our schemes. If we see evidence that shows us we have not mastered the fundamentals, we will reteach and then revaluate our players. We will be able to see what our players have learned and what skills still need developed. Our players will be able to evaluate themselves as a player by watching film on a regular basis. We will also use our player’s grades and teacher comments as an evaluation for our players in the classroom. We will make a decision based on the progress of each player to determine any academic help needed in order to succeed in the classroom each day.

Social Responsibility

As a program, we will follow the JMS Athlete Code of Conduct, school rules, and school policies. We will be servant leaders as often as we can. We will develop leaders that will carry over into the classroom, football field, and community. Players will be respectful young men and will be responsible for their actions. Most importantly, we will be good citizens at school, on the football field, and within our community.

Shared Leadership

As a team, we will work together to develop teamwork amongst our players. We will develop leadership amongst our 8th graders who will determine the goals of our program and the intensity of our program. The more we can share the leadership to accomplish the task of being successful, the better we will be as a person, a leader, and a football team.


The coaching staff will hold each other accountable for their responsibilities of the program. We will hold our players accountable for their actions in the classroom, on the field, and in our community. We will always work together to identify ways for improvement. Monitoring our goals each week will provide the players with ownership of accomplishing those when they take the field. Most importantly, players will hold players accountable both on and off the field.


One of the primary objectives of educational athletics is good sportsmanship.
The Jefferson Middle School Football Program has adopted the following guidelines for sportsmanship.
1. Be familiar with the rules of eligibility and support their strict enforcement.
2. Recognize that the good name of the school is more valuable than any game won by unfair play.
3. Respond with enthusiasm to the calls of the cheerleaders for yells in support of the team, especially when it is
4. Accept decision of officials without question.
5. Express disapproval of rough play or poor sportsmanship by players representing the school.
7. Express disapproval of any abusive remarks from the sidelines.
8. Recognize and applaud an exhibition of fine play or good sportsmanship by the visiting team.
9. Be considerate of the injured athlete(s) on the visiting team.
10. Insist on the courteous treatment of the visiting team and extend team members every possible courtesy.

Athlete’s Code
School athletics provide a unique opportunity for the development of not only physical conditioning and skill but also character traits essential for success in life. We challenge every athlete to strive for the following:
Competence – the necessary level of knowledge and skill to sufficiently train and compete.
• Develop the skills necessary to participate competently in the game.
• Demonstrate knowledge of the rules and conventions of the game.
• Demonstrate knowledge of the strategies of the game.
• Demonstrate a level of physical conditioning and fitness sufficient to participate competently in the game.
• Demonstrate knowledge of healthy behaviors, including nutritional issues.
• Understand the necessity of abstaining from the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs in order to achieve the positive benefits of interscholastic athletics.
Citizenship – social responsibility as part of a “community.”
• Faithful to the ideals of the game, including sportsmanship.
• Keep commitments to team (e.g., is diligent about practice and following training rules).
• Show team spirit (encourages others, contributes to good morale).
• Put the good of the teammates to achieve team goals.
• Accept responsibility to set a good example for teammates, younger players, fans, and school community.
Character – the pattern of beliefs, attitudes and therefore behavior that relates to moral strength, constitution and essential qualities that embrace the positive values of the Lakeview School District.
• Dependable in fulfilling obligations and commitments.
• Accept responsibility for consequences of actions; doesn’t make excuses or blame others.
• Strives to excel.
• Is committed.
• Perseveres (gives 100% effort; doesn’t give up in the face of setbacks).
• Demonstrate truthfulness.
• Play by the rules of the game and not cheat.
• Control anger and frustration; refrain from displays of temper and bad language
• Accept losing/winning gracefully, to congratulate opponents, not sulk or display other negative behaviors.
Civility – to demonstrate behavior that exemplifies appropriate respect and concern for others
• Practice good manners on and off field.
• Refrain from trash talk and other put-downs of opponents or teammates.
• Treat all persons respectfully, regardless of individual differences.
• Show respect for legitimate authority (e.g., officials, coaches, and captains).
• Be fair and treat others as one wishes to be treated.
• Listen to and try to understand others.
• Be sensitive and compassionate to others.
• Actively support teammates and others.
Academic Eligibility - All student-athletes must realize that their main purpose for attending school is to receive a solid academic education. Lakeview schools are committed to providing and supporting all its students in academic need.

• Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher, with all grades at or above a D- in all classes. Students will be considered ineligible if their GPA falls below a 2.0 and/or have one or more F's at any eligible check.
• If a student athlete is deemed ineligible; he/she will be ineligible for all competitions the following week (Monday thru Sunday)
• While Ineligible, Student athletes may attend practices and team activities but will NOT be permitted to dress for competitions.

Jefferson Middle School Patriots Football is Located in Saint Clair Shores Michigan and is part of the Lakeview School District.

The team can only progress with love and respect. Build young men of character. Demonstrate class and humility. Bolster an atmosphere of hard work, effort, and discipline that permeates throughout our program. Accept the idea that we deserve to be Champio

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